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On Tue, 30 Jun 2009 12:33:04 -0400, Jim wrote:

> FC11, Using Gparted
> I have 5gb unallocated space that I want to give to /home , how would I 
> do it , (Detail Please)
> Below is how my partitions are laid  out below;
> sda1  /boot
> sda2  /home
> sda3  /
> unallocated      5gb
> sda4 extended
> sda5  swap

That's a poor partitioning scheme, because all primary partitions
are occupied, and the free space could only be used to grow /.
Alternatively, if the extended partition contains no logical
partitions other than swap, you could
 - disable swap,
 - remove the swap partition,
 - remove the extended partition,
 - recreate it at the start of the free space,
 - recreate swap,
 - create an additional logical 5G partition.
And then you could either use the logical partition for
a filesystem to be mounted somewhere below your /home where
you need more space. [Or you use LVM (with two physical volumes
building a volume group from which to allocate space for a new
/home as a logical volume).]

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