Re: Importing Mail folder from one Thunderbird to another Thunderbird.

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On 06/30/2009 03:30 AM, g wrote:
~/Jim wrote:

Copied old Mail folder from FC8 into FC11 thunderbird, and checked all
how did you copy them into new thunderbird?

if you copied path of 'Mail' directory, then you will need to copy it into
your profile directory and replace 'Mail' in new install.

actual *email* folders start in directory _below_ 'Mail'.

in 'Mail' directory, you will find 'Local Folders' and directories for each
of your email service providers. thunderbird reads below these directories
for actual email.

file permissions and they are r/w, Folders are view/modify ,
you also have to have directories and files assigned to correct user. that
is, if you copied them as root, did you 'chown -R jim:jim *'?

also, directories must be 'rwx' to pass thru them.

but thunderbird still won't read old email and it's there.
where? like, give me a path from your profile directory. it should be on an
order of;

   /home/jim/.thunderbird/????????.default/Mail/Local Folders/

'????????.default' is your profile directory. if you copied your old 'Mail'
directly to you profile directory, it should work. that is if you did so
before you started using thunderbird.

to explain further, if before you ever started thunderbird, you copied your
entire old '~/.thunderbird/' path to your new home directory, everything
you had setup in old install will carry to new install.

if you copied 'Mail' into your profile directory, then you will have to set
up your new configurations, but you will have all your email folder structure

last, but most important, you *must* re index your email. to do this, go to
your profile directory and run these 2 commands with thunderbird closed;

'rm -f panacea.dat'
'rm -fR *.msf'

'panacea.dat' is main index file for all email files and directories.
'*.msf' are individual index files for each email folder and subfolder.

when you open thunderbird, these file will be recreated and you will note
that it will take a few minutes for these files to be built.

one more 'gotcha' is that you must maintain what ever user name you were
using before and you must have same profile directory name. these 2 are
used in several files in your profile directory and if they are not correct,
you could have problems.

remember 'cyoa', cover your own ass, be sure you have a backup made before
you start mucking around.

something i always do before i play with thunderbird or firefox and just
for fun every couple of weeks, is i will make a backup of both paths so that
i have something to fall back on if i have problems.

from my home directory, i run;
'cp .mozilla .mozilla.000x'
'cp .thunderbird .thunderbird.000x'.



My problem was , when I upgraded from FC8 > FC11 , I burnt the old .thunderbird to dvd and it change the permissions to 'read' only . So what I did I took the old profile folder (8 digit Profile) and copied it into the FC11 .thunderbird
and changed all the 'read' files to 'read/write and i'm back in operation.

I learn a lesson there,  Tar the old install before you burn it to cd/dvd .

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