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Steve wrote:
I want to upgrade my home F9 system to F10 but I seem to recall someone on this list saying that the emu10k1 driver for my Audigy card is no longer supported and I need this (or I need to buy a new sound card!). A few other people were upset about this and there was some talk of someone picking up the maintenance of this driver.

Does anyone know the current situation?
I recently tried to install F11 (via the live DVD) on a Dell Dimension
3000. Couldn't install F11 directly (anaconda got lost trying to
partition the available space), so I reverted back to F10, installed it,
then used preupgrade to update to F11. While it worked, there was no
sound. Since the Dell has a:
02:07.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 07)
I assumed the same as you. There is an open bug about kernel errors
with this driver:

There were a bunch of kernel oopses using the F11 live DVD. All got sent automagically to
What I later discovered was that (for whatever reason), the installation
chose the wrong output device for my sound card (it was using a digital
output instead of the analog output). Selecting the proper output made
sound work for me. And no more kernel oopses, either.
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