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Robert L Cochran wrote:
>>If you have local DNS setup, you can add puppet as a CNAME for your
>>server.  If not, you could add it to /etc/hosts.  I've always done the
> Okay, so that would work like this:
> puppet.                              CNAME
>     A     

You _may_ not want the . at the end of puppet., as that will make the
fqdn puppet, rather than

I'm not positive that it will matter or not.  You just want to be sure
that the certificate names match, otherwise puppet will fail to verify
those certificates and you'll get new errors when you try to connect
to the puppetmaster. :)

> Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I'll give it a try pending
> confirmation. This would be very helpful material in the
> tutorial for puppet.

I imagine generalizing it to note that the name of the puppetmaster
defaults to puppet and that a CNAME or host entry should be present
prior to starting the puppetmaster might be good.  That and the
alternative of setting the server parameter in the config file.  It's
been a while since I read through the docs from the beginning, so I
don't know where the best location is for this or whether it's in
there somewhere.

It is a wiki though, so if you're reading along and find places that
could be improved, feel free to add them.  (It's probably good to make
notes locally and them come back to them after you've got things
working to see which things still need improvement and which parts are
actually clear once you've read through all the docs. :)

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