Re: Announcing LXDE Fedora Remix 11

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On 06/18/2009 02:57 AM, Christoph Wickert wrote:

> You suggested something, you didn't tell me about a prototype or about
> that you were to release something. Where is that prototype? Did someone
> test it? Was there any testing done at all?

The remix is the prototype for a future spin. Sure, I did the testing I
could and I have confirmation that it works from a few users.

> When someone on this list asked for the LXDE Spin last week your reply
> was: "Haven't decided yet. Might work on it if I find time." This was on
> June 10th, on June 15th the spin way already announced. I doubt one can
> do the spinning plus a reasonable amount of QA within 4 times.
> Have you been running the "basic spin testing" or checked the "Things to
> test on LXDE"? Obviously not, although it was all in the wiki and you
> knew.

I had already did a remix based on LXDE a release before and I had the
kickstart and a working image a while earlier. The survey was done on
this list just to gauge interest in it before releasing it. I did try
and convey this to you and Kevin. Maybe we had a communication
breakdown. In that case, accept my apologies.

Spins have to go through a checklist. Remixes aren't required to do it
but I did test the basic things I could. All of the packages are already
in the Fedora repository and haven't been modified. So whatever bugs are
in it are already in it. The remix doesn't introduce anything new. Let's
just move forward without more bickering. If you want to work on a
updated image, let's just do that.


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