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> > I have been using qemu-kvm via the virtual machine manger on Fedora 10
> > have had no problems (works great&  love it!). I just downloaded and
> > installed Fedora 11 64 bit on a new server and logged in as a normal
> > and started the virtual machine manager. I'm able to connect to the
> > machine manager, but cant setup any new VM's as I'm connected as
> > (This must be a new feature). How should I go about connecting to VMM
> > READ-WRITE? Do I need to sudo VMM? Any help would be appreciated!
> >
> You should be able to run polkit-gnome-authorization from
> the PolicyKit-gnome and set up that users logged in can
> manage local virtualized systems.

Thanks Mogens, I'll give that a shot

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