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On Fri, 2009-05-01 at 14:03 +0000, g wrote:
> max wrote:
> > What's a good electronics book? I'm looking for a beginner to intermediate
> > skill level type book.
> a good question.
> i can only answer with, i started reading electronic books in library at
> around age of 9. i started working part time in a radio/tv repair shop at
> 13. correspondence course with rca at 14, electronics in usaf at 20.
> semiconductor manuals at 23, logic manuals at 28, oem cpu tech manuals at
> 34, and now reading on line at age 68 and still learning, it is difficult
> to say what i might consider 'beginner to intermediate'.
> best answer to give you is just go to local library and look up titles
> and start reading.
> today, there are so many 'beginner' books, it is not an easy question to
> answer. if you are in school and they have any course in electronics, ask
> what they use. or check with local college to see what they use.
> regardless of what you find, there is nothing wrong with finding several
> books and read them, because the more you read, the wider the range will
> be in your learning.
> i wish i could give you a more definitive answer, as it has been too
> long from when i started and i am still learning.
> if you have any further questioning along this subject, please contact me
> off list and i will reply. to continue such in this thread or thru this
> list, is not in keeping with etiquette policy of this tech support list.
> thank you.
> -- 
G is right on all counts.  I would add that the brain is marvelous at
relating information.  If  you read enough, even with little
understanding, the common information will begin to become coherent and
you will learn.  That said, if you start with a few beginner articles,
and please do the exercises they have, you will learn.  The exercises
are important to lock the information with the potential errors that you
will encounter, and the effort needed to correct them.

Like G, I started a long time ago, from vacuum tubes, and while the
circuits have changed, the elements of design and software have not.
Almost everything I ever learned has benefited me.

Go for it!
Les H

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