Re: Keep 2 kernels using up2date on RHEL4

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Paul Ward wrote:
> Hello,
> Please can someone tell me where the config for how many kernels to keep is.
> I wish to use up2date on my rhel 4 server and ensure it keeps at least
> 2 copies of the kernel in grub.
> I can't find it in up2date --configure
> And I do not think it is in grub.conf
AFAIK, up2date doesn't have a concept of keeping a given number of

During up2date the previous kernels are not removed and "install" is
done on kernel packages...not "update".
The up2date configuration is kept in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date


prevents removal of kernel packages. 

So, you are faced with having more than 2 kernels installed unless you
manually remove them....  So, you are virtually assured of having more
than 2.  :-)

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