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Alex Makhlin wrote:
Kevin Kofler wrote:
Frank Cox wrote:
Now there's a bit of good news. Can you recommend a wireless N card that works with Fedora? I wouldn't mind getting one for my laptop. I already have a couple of Linksys WRT300N 1.1 routers and would like to use them at
more than wireless G speed.
The Intel IWL4965AGN and IWL5000 are supported by the standard Fedora
kernel, you just need the matching firmware from the standard Fedora
repository (iwl4965-firmware resp. iwl5000-firmware).

The Ralink ones are supported by (somewhat buggy) out-of-tree drivers which are currently in RPM Fusion, getting better drivers into the kernel itself
is work in progress.

Atheros chipsets are supported by the ath9k driver, see for details. As that one
is in the kernel, that may be a better option than Ralink. And it doesn't
even require firmware.

I'm not sure about other manufacturers.

        Kevin Kofler

I got it working. The driver I was using for my card would not allow me to connect to my routers WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2=PSK [AES] setting at once but only one at a time. I was stumped because my Windows partition was working great. But now everything is great. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
Alex, you only need to reply to the thread once.  It's nice that you
tried to thank all three of the chaps who helped you, but it is a thread
and they'd all see your thank you message in the thread.

Damned polite, all the same!  Nice going, Alex!
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