Re: Updated Packages - 21 February 2009

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On Sun, 2009-02-22 at 19:05 -0500, Donald A. Greene wrote:
> 02 -21-2009:  Installed (i.e. Updated) selinux-policy,
> evolution-data-server-doc, selinux-policy-targeted,
> evolution-data-server, gtkhtml3, evolution, evolution-data-server-devel,
> evolution-help, evolution-perl.
> Evolution stuff seems to have borked my evolution to the extent that
> trying to print an email aborts evolution.  Have had several aborts
> while doing nothing but idling.  Plus I am seeing the creation of
> numerous extraneous folders with no names.
> I have sent several bug reports to Bugzilla but it appaers to be down.
> Seems to be quite a mess.
> Anybody else seeing these errors or is it something unique to my
> situation? 
I added comments to
which relates to crashing issues in this exact version

If you read the bug report, it suggests that another version is in
updates-testing and that if you choose to 'Never load images' that it
will solve the problem but it seems to still crash when I choose 'print'


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