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On Thursday 19 February 2009 16:20:49 Steve wrote:

> I've been on a long wild goose chase trying to figure out why I get one of
> two different hostnames alternatively when I boot the system. Based on what
> I read in the dhclient man page, I believed that the hostname was provided
> by the dhcp server in a dhcp protocol message. While that may still be
> true, my F9 system does not use that potential source of information to set
> the hostname. The hostname is actually set in the
> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-post script by this code:

It *is* possible for a DHCP server to be giving you alternating addresses; it's 
also possible you have two (or more) DHCP servers answering requests. One very 
remote possibility is e.g. an old procurve (sp?) switch, once spent an hour or 
two with a colleague tracking down a similar problem, where a random switch on 
our network started replying to DHCP requests and would occasionally respond 
faster than the "real" one.

What are the results of running "host" on the IP address you get given?

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