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Joachim Backes wrote:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> checking for Qt >= 4.1... configure: error: Cannot find Qt meta object
> compiler (moc), bye...
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Broken configure script. It should be checking for moc-qt4 as well.

You may be able to force it to work by using:
export PATH="/usr/lib/qt4/bin:$PATH"

If this is a RPM specfile, please use this instead:
export PATH="%{_qt4_bindir}:$PATH"

It may also be possible to pass some argument for the configure script to
tell it how to find Qt 4, try ./configure --help.

And finally, you may need to patch the configure script. I have seen all
sorts of broken assumptions about how a Qt setup looks like. (Grrr, why
won't those projects just use CMake? Finding Qt 4 in CMake just works!)

        Kevin Kofler

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