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Hopefully, this will be my last post, *everyone cheers*. I apologize
for starting this thread, just was quite frustrated.

I love Fedora, I think it has the potential to be the best distro, if
it is already not.

It seems to me that if there was a way to release an OS every 2+ years
and provide updates and upgrades to the latest software, in a not so
overwhelming size (which should be possible because obviously not all
packages, upgrades and updates, are released at the the same time),
then it would seem to make it easier not only on the developers of
Fedora, but also on the end-users, which could be a good thing.

Then someone may think, why even have a new OS release if it is once
every two years unless it is a for a company that wants major profit?
To that I would say, exactly... if it is possible to somehow provide
updates and upgrades to large packages, such as KDE 3 -> KDE 4,
without doing a new OS installation, then maybe only have 1 OS called
"Fedora", instead of having numerous OS's called Fedora 1-11 so far.

For instance, if you had a distro that only released one OS, and then
provided all the changes to the OS through upgrades and updates, and
kept the OS files on the mirrors up-to-date also, then you would never
have to install another OS again, :-)!

With companies like Microsoft and Apple, this is not possible, but
with Linux it is. Everything kind of works together with Linux, and if
you (plural) could figure out a way to simplify the process of
providing changes to the OS through updates and upgrades, then how
could that be bad?

Perhaps I will eventually work on expanding the idea of 1 OS release
with my buddies at school, I don't know, just seems like a really good
idea, if it is possible, which it would seem to be... somehow.

Love You Fedora! Sorry for this post, just got really frustrated.
Thank you to all who were patient with me and explained why it would
be hard to do this.

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