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I have an F-10 box that will not post, it just keeps trying to start intermittently. I have reduced the system to power supply, motherboard, and video card with the same result. Changing the power supply does not help. I do not have a spare video card to try but would like to try one before I give up on the motherboard-processor.
Newegg has an inexpensive video board on sale but how do I tell if it is
compatible with this motherboard? This restriction has me stumped!
       2.6.4 AGP PRO slot
       This motherboard has an Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) PRO slot
       supports +1.5V AGP cards. When you buy an AGP card, make sure that
       you ask for one with +1.5V specification. Note the notches on
       the card
       golden fingers to ensure that they fit the AGP slot on your
       If you installed an incorrect AGP card, such as a SiS305-based
       AGP card
       or any other 3.3V AGP card, the onboard red LED (AGP_WARN)
       lights up,
       an indication that the card is not supported on the motherboard.
       As long as
       this LED is lighted, you cannot turn on the system power even if
       you press
       the power button, thus preventing permanent damage to the

                   Install only 1.5V AGP cards on this motherboard!
                   The AGP PRO slot comes with a warning label and a
       safety tab.
                   Remove the label and tab ONLY if you are installing
       an AGP PRO
                   card. Use a pointed object, such as a pen tip, to
       dislodge the tab.

The mother board is an ASUSP4B533-E with an Intel P-4 µprocessor with a Zalman cooler. There is no video circuitry on the motherboard. Presently it has an ATI "All-In-Wonder 9600 video card installed, an elaborate thing with bells and whistles I will never use. I mainly need to display text, little more.
The board on sale is described as:

       Brand 	EVGA
       Model 	256-P2-N429-LR
       Interface 	PCI Express x16
       Chipset Manufacturer 	NVIDIA
       GPU 	GeForce 7200GS
       Core clock 	450MHz
       Memory Clock 	533MHz
       Memory Size 	256MB
       Memory Interface 	64-bit
       Memory Type 	GDDR2
       3D API
       DirectX 	DirectX 9
       OpenGL 	OpenGL 2.0
       D-SUB 	1
       DVI 	1
       TV-Out 	S-Video Out
       RAMDAC 	400 MHz
       Max Resolution 	2048 x 1536
       Cooler 	Fanless
       System Requirements 	Minimum of a 250 Watt power supply.
       (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating
       of 18 Amp Amps.)

I have been agonizing over this problem for a month now. Video board specifications don't talk about the voltage spec. I assume they are talking about signal levels of 1.5 volts? But I don't know how to tell if what I order will comply with the ASUS requirements.
I would appreciate some help on this. What do I look for in the board
spec's to get one that fits?



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