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2009/1/21 Ashley M. Kirchner <[email protected]>:
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> X -configure
>   That won't work because the server is already running.  I don't want to
> manually configure the thing.  Xorg comes up by itself by guessing what to
> run (since there's no xorg.conf.)  And it does it so dang well, I just want
> to know if there's a way to have it dump whatever guesses it comes up with,
> and what the ultimate configuration it ends up using is.

Kevin is right. But you have to first stop the server by running
"/sbin/telinit 3" (as root). Then login as root and run "X
-configure". It will generate a configuration file (which should be
the same as the auto-detected settings). This gets saved to something
like /root/ Do "cp /root/
/etc/X11/xorg.conf", then "/sbin/telinit 5" and you should be up and


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