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Bugzilla from [email protected] wrote:
> Using xorg.conf for input configuration is obsolete and should no longer
> be
> done.
> snip
>         Kevin Kofler

OK I need some advice please.  I have a machine with no xorg.conf and I need
to have it running vncserver loaded when X itself starts.  In the past you
could simply add a Load "vnc" line to the appropriate section of xorg.conf

Please can you advise me how this is achieved on a system without any

Secondly, if running with an xorg.conf is now obsolete - please also tell me
how to get a system that has Intel Graphics (a different computer) running X
without any xorg.conf if the only way I know is to deliberately run with the
vesa driver since the intel driver fails to work with that hardware?  In
fact even adding "xdriver=vesa" to the kernel boot line will likely create
an xorg.conf file?

I do believe that there are still particular needs and particular
combinations of hardware where running without an xorg.conf file will not
work particularly since the needs are not satisfied by properly working
drivers in some cases, and because alternative ways of loading particular
modules is not provided in other cases.

The aim may well be to have no need for an xorg.conf file in the future but
I do believe that we are not there yet! 
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