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> My ipod never shows safe to disconnect when I try to unmount it
> Dolphin or via the task bar icon? It does however show that when I
> unmount it from songbird?

The iPod should be sent an eject rather than just a umount.  I'd say
if Dolphin isn't doing that, it's either a bug or user error (since I
don't know Dolphin, perhaps it's something you need to configure?).
Hopefully one of the many helpful KDE users/maintainers here can
clarify this.

> I also seem to have regular issues getting gtkpod or songbird to
> even see it? Is this a problem with my ipod, or my F10 install?

I need more info to even guess.  When you say that you can't get
gtkpod or songbird to see the iPod, do you mean that it is not
automatically mounted when you plug it in or that it is mounted and
only these apps cannot access the device?

Is it safe to guess that you're using the Fedora package for gtkpod?
Songbird isn't packaged, and I don't know much at all about it.

Also, what iPod model is this?

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