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[email protected] wrote:
Okay so this is way off topic but I need some help.  I tried doing a
Google search but I don't know enough to get my query right.

I have several external components that I would like to come on when my
computer comes on.  I would also like them to go off when my computer goes
off.  Some sort of electronic switch that I could plug in to one of my
PC's spare 4 pin power plugs work work fine.

To make things a little more complicated (and Linux related) I would also
like this.  I have a water cooling system with a variable voltage water
pump.  It would be nice if I could simply poll lmsensors and have a
program bump up the voltage until the CPU is below a certain temperature.
Ok, what voltage are we talking about controlling? Line power?
Low DC voltage for control? How much current? Is there a particular
device which you want to use, and which one could look up on
the web to get an idea of what your requirements are?

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