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On Tue August 26 2008 04:51:30 Chris Tyler wrote:
> This list, [email protected], is one of the first lists that most
> Fedora users join, and therefore quite important to the community.
> However, it's a high-volume list (and is sometimes perceived to have a
> high noise level), so many veterans of the Fedora community aren't
> subscribed.
> As the result of discussion at the last public (IRC) board meeting, it's
> been proposed that narrow the scope of this list a bit. The current
> description of this list simply reads:
>    fedora-users: For users of Fedora
> The proposed replacement is:
>    fedora-users: Help and support for using the Fedora distribution.
> Feedback on this proposed change is welcome.
> In addition, this list has been without an owner. Paul Frields and I
> have assumed ownership of the list, and we'd welcome one or two
> experienced members of the community to join us.
It's good to see board members prepared to mix it with the great unwashed 
(err: users) but some questions:
Is their an irc log of this public meeting?? I missed it.
In this New low volume list, what & who is off topic. 
How will this 'Help and support' take shape. 
More details/disscusion needed. 


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