Re: samba installed from scratch on fc9 doesn't work for me

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On Mon, 2008-08-25 at 13:26 +0200, Massimo Maiurana wrote:
> Craig White, il 24/08/2008 19:13, scrisse:
> hi craig, thanks for your answer :)
> > what do you get from command (as root)
> > pdbedit -Lv barbara
> [[email protected] samba]# pdbedit -Lv
> ---------------
> Unix username:        barbara
> NT username:
> Account Flags:        [U          ]
> User SID:             S-1-5-21-4006416855-825432111-2697360864-2000
> Primary Group SID:    S-1-5-21-4006416855-825432111-2697360864-513
> Full Name:            Barbara
> Home Directory:       \\barbara\barbara
> HomeDir Drive:
> Logon Script:
> Profile Path:         \\barbara\barbara\profile
> Domain:               BARBARA
> Account desc:
> Workstations:
> Munged dial:
> Logon time:           0
> Logoff time:          never
> Kickoff time:         never
> Password last set:    gio, 21 ago 2008 09:40:36 CEST
> Password can change:  gio, 21 ago 2008 09:40:36 CEST
> Password must change: never
> Last bad password   : 0
> Bad password count  : 0
> as you can see barbara is the only user for now.
> I changed homedir and profilepath fields respectively to 
> \\home\barbara and \\home\barbara\profile 'cause it seems more 
> reasonable to me, but nothing had changed.
> also, shouldn't the domain field reflect the workgroup name, i.e. 
> GRECOELEVATORI? and if so, how can I edit it?
yes, the 'workgroup' name in smb.conf should be the DOMAIN for all users
so there's a problem there to be sure. At this point, I would delete the
user and add the user back in.

smbpasswd -x barbara
smbpasswd -a barbara

Also, putting profile inside of home directory is probably a bad
idea...but unless you end up joining Windows computers to the domain, it
probably won't matter.
> > try...
> > smbclient //barbara/Ufficio -U barbara
> [...]
> > try executing this command (as root)
> > chmod g+w,g+s,o+w /home/barbara/Documenti -R
> > 
> > (since you are trying to make it public writable)
> well, I would prefer to grant access only to users of the lan, 
> that's why I chose security=user, but it's not that important 'cause 
> this server doesn't listen outside the lan.
> what is the reason to set the gid bit on shared files and directories?
> anyway, here is the console output:
> [[email protected] samba]# chmod g+w,g+s,o+w /home/barbara/Documenti -R
> [[email protected] samba]# smbclient //barbara/ufficio -U barbara
> Enter barbara's password:
> session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
> [[email protected] samba]# smbclient //barbara/ufficio
> Enter barbara's password:
> Anonymous login successful
> Domain=[GRECOELEVATORI] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.2.0-17.fc9]
> tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
> can't access share neither as user barbara nor as anonymous :(
security = user is the right idea

I understand why smbclient //barbara/ufficio -U barbara failed because
of the account setting above but the second command...
smbclient //barbara/ufficio says that anonymous login was successful but
'BAD_NETWORK_NAME' really throws me for a loop (and may be the issue
causing the problem with the account domain up above).

Just out of curiosity...

what do you get from
net getlocalsid
net getdomainsid

(hopefully S-1-5-21-4006416855-825432111-2697360864)

let's try this first...

service nmb stop
service smb stop
rm /var/lib/samba/wins*
service nmb start
service smb start

then if needed, delete the smbuser barbara and re-add barbara and check
> there is also another little bug I forgot to mention in my previous 
> mail.
> after the installation the printer was not loaded because samba 
> failed to connect to cups. looking at boot order I saw that smb and 
> nmb were started with S91 while cups was started with S98. this is odd.
> I changed the order editing symlinks in /etc/rc.d/rc*, but I guess 
> this could be overriden in the future by un upgrade. what is the 
> correct way to change that order (I'm not so familiar with sysV init 
> because I've always used slackware)?
In theory, this shouldn't matter since smb.conf re-inits itself each
minute so by the time you are fully booted, cups would be running at
which point samba should be able to connect to cups. I don't use Fedora
9 / samba but I can see that your description of their SysV startup
order is accurate but would think that if that's causing people
problems, it would be adjusted as cups is rather important to samba.

I think that if you want to allow 'guest' you have to 'map' the 'Bad
User' guest to an account and you will also have to add in Ufficio
guest ok = yes


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