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I'm using fedora 9, 64-bit edition. I'm running KDE 4, shipping with the fedora 9 installation DVD. I'm trying to install virtualGL 2.1, according to this link
Everythings goes well till I get to section 6.2 Granting Access to the Serverʼs X Display at, and specifically the Sanity Check part.
The first command in this part reads
xauth merge /etc/opt/VirtualGL/vgl_xauth_key

When I try to run this command, an error messages indicates that the file doesn't exist.
I tracked the problem a little and found that during the configuration, the file /etc/gdm/Init/Default was patched by adding the command vglgenkey at its beginning. Since this file is executed every time gdm is launched, this command should be run as well. However this command is run without any effect. I tried to run this command manually at the command line, and found that one line in its script, namely the line using xauth doesn't have any effect as it tries to create the file /etc/opt/VirtualGL/vgl_xauth_key.
I don't know why xauth refuses to generate that file as instructed in the vglgenkey script.
Did anyone manage to install virtualGL in feodra(9) and completed this step? Appreciating any help or suggestions!

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