I am confused with F9 and Bittorrent ??

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I started Bittorrent seed for my F9 download in F8.  I have installed F9
now and would like to continue the seed.  But ...

I keep getting the following error message from bittorrent:
" Fedora-9-etc.  OS [Errno 13] Permission Denied: '/backup'"

/backup is the directory I downloaded the F9 CDs to. It is on a
different hard drive from my installed F9 and Bittorrent.  It is
properly mounted and was accessible to Bittorrent in F8. All the
ownership permissions are correct and are the same as before. It feels
like a SELinux problem except that I have SELinux set to 'permissable'.

It is probably a stupidity problem, but it has given me a couple of
hours of frustration.  Any suggestions as to what I should check, would
be greatly appreciated.  

I want to do my fair payback for the original F9 Bittorrent download.

Regards Bill

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