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I'm in the process is adding comments so I can figure out what some disassembled 
code that is about 25 years old is doing.  We've found a couple of buglets we 
would like to fix in the last few years & we're tired of working around them 
with a disk editor.

However adding the missing comments is severely hampered by vim's apparent 
inability to do a global search and replace with the example shown in 
the ":help change" portion of the online help.  That BTW isn't working either 
by the usual put the cursor on the help item and hitting ctrl- as the help says 
it should.  The "ctrl-" is ignored.

So what am I doing wrong when in the command mode, I type
/s/L1BAE/isspace/&g, or :s/L1BAE/isspace/&g

either syntax reports a spurious string error or similar squawk.  And of course 
does nothing.  I even tried the :promptrepl trick but it just puts the curser 
on the next line.

Is my vim busted or suffering from bit rot?  F8 install, uptodate yesterday.


Cheers, Gene
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