Re: Fedora 9 nfs and autofs instable?

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On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 1:05 AM, David Jansen <[email protected]> wrote:
Since switching to fedora 9 (fresh install, no upgrade), both nfs and
autofs seem to crash on an almost daily basis.
nfs mountd is just gone, no errors in the logs. autofs is even more
enigmatic: the daemon is still running, but nothing gets mounted untill
I restart the service. And here also, nothing is mentioned in the logs.


has anyone else seen such crashes, and does anyone know a solution or a
way to learn more about the problem?


I have seen autofs crash twice today.  The service was stopped though,
so it's not exactly the same symptom as what you are seeing.  I don't
have a solution or even a clue as to why it keeps crashing.  I filed a
bugzilla bug report:


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