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> Maybe it helps if I give an example, this is the way I do it: I have an ext3
> filesystem on /dev/sdd2 and a directory /var/backup that is used as the
> mount point. The directory /var/backup is owned by root and has file mode
> 000 (d---------). You can safely do this and I even recommend it, as it
> prevents any access to this directory when the filesystem is not mounted
> (for whatever reason). As soon as I mount /dev/sdd2 on /var/backup, the
> owner of this directory becomes bacula and the file mode becomes 775
> (drwxrwxr-x) because that is how it's stored in the file system on
> /dev/sdd2. After unmounting, this becomes 000/root again.
So, what I wrote in my previous mail is good no ?


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