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Bradley Pursley wrote, On 05/07/2008 01:03 PM:
Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Wed, May 07, 2008 at 06:51:45 -0400,
  William Case <[email protected]> wrote:
Is it not possible to make a Red Hat utility that just repeats the grub
part of the Anaconda installation process.  Perhaps it could have a gui
frontend in order to make some simple adjustments, but nonetheless a
user/administrator could re-install just the grub part of their system
without having to run the entire Fedora installation.
You can run grub to reinstall the part that is in the MBR.
You use the 'root' command to tell it what partition has the config file
and 'setup' to write to the MBR of a particular hard drive. (If you are
using software raid 1, you want to do this manually as the install only
writes the MBR of one drive.)
Otherwise the grub.conf file is plain text and you can use your favorite
text editor to edit it.
If I understood the question properly, I believe it was how do you install / configure grub (for dual booting was the specific question) with no previous grub.conf file and no knowledge or experience with grub. The question was not how to re-install grub. I am also awaiting the answer to this question because I also had this problem and had to totally re-install Fedora just because the grub.conf file got hosed and, as of yet, no one has answered this question.

A workaround (which I almost always do) is immediately after install:
cd /boot/grub
mkdir RCS
ci -d -l -t-FromFedora -m "FromFedora" grub.conf

of course you do install the rcs package on all your systems don't you?
I mean no good admin would change their system configuration with out version control/tracking right? :)
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