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Alan Cox wrote:
That's hardly unique to proprietary software. I once relied heavily on CIPE as a VPN, but FC2 just dumped it with no replacement. Yes, I could have kept all the broken pieces of the source code...
wasn't the cipe code dropped from the 2.6 kernel?
It was if I remember rightly never in the base kernel. It died because it
was demonstrated to have significant crypto/security weaknesses that were
not trivially fixable.

Dropping it was probably the right thing to do in the long run, but a
company with any commitment to their users would have shipped it for one
more release along with an equally integrated (remember, cipe had
fill-in-the-form setup in the system network tool) and equally versatile
(IPsec won't work in all the same scenarios) replacement so existing
connections could be switched gracefully without needing extra machines
to keep both running concurrently until everything was converted.
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