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Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
> I'm a complete newbie to postfix. I just nuked sendmail on a machine
> and started Postfix; it's rejecting emails I am sending to the
> machine it is on, and vice-versa. Questions...

Did you have sendmail working on this box before replacing it with
postfix?  If not, perhaps the firewall is blocking port 25 inbound?
(Which would only account for the failure to receive mail, not send.)

> 1. How do I get it to work to receive and accept mail for a
> standalone machine with a dedicated IP/name? I went into
> /etc/postfix/, changed inet_interfaces = all, hardcoded in my
> machines name, and stopped and restarted the service. I am running
> it under Fedora 8, verson 2.4.5-2.

That does sounds like about all you really must do to get it working.
What, if any failures are you getting in /var/log/maillog?  What is
the output of "postconf -n" ?

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