Re: Samba won't dance (more info)

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On Tue April 15 2008, Claude Jones wrote:
> > But I'm telling you that if you can't reliably ping and nmblookup (which
> > is somewhat similar to a ping), you're wasting your time here.
> It would not surprise me that the whole problem is something I've
> completely missed. In my now currently, seemingly, working setup, I just
> discovered that even though the smbk4 utility can identify all the
> machines, their ip addresses, and their available shares (still
> un-mountable), on the lan, I still can't ping one of those machines!

OK - talking to myself, but maybe one of you will understand this better than 
I. The upstairs pc called studiopc is the one I can't ping and I can't ping 
it either from my Vista laptop which is on the wireless, or from my Fedora 
box. In the list of machines on the network that shows up in smbk4, studiopc 
is listed, its IP address is listed, and its shares are listed. But, I can't 
ping it. One further discovery just now - if I hover my mouse over its 
listing in the smbk4 window, it brings up a property sheet, and it's listed 
as the Master Browser! The property sheets that come up for each of the other 
machines listed also show studiopc as the master browser... Does this not 
seem very odd? I guess the next thing to do is go take a look at firewall 
settings and rules on that machine...

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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