Re: Fedora 8 does not install on laptop

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On Wed, 2008-04-09 at 19:02 -0400, Vincent Onelli wrote:
> I am a bit disappointed not been able to receive any answer to my 2
> e-mail. I am receiving 10 to 15 e-mail a day but none of them list the
> problem that I have, at this point since fedora 9 will soon be
> released I will wait and try F9.
> I would like to establish communication with you people, as a
> newbie have some body to ask a question is a good feeling.  I do have
> couple other issue that I could not resolve on my own. So please I
> really appreciate some sign of life

Are you sure you sent your questions to the right place? I can see no
messages from your email address on this list (and I checked back to


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