Re: Firefox beta: problem with indexed PNGs?

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Konstantin Svist wrote:
I'd say it's more likely it's a profile issue.
Try making a new profile for Firefox (run it with "-ProfileManager", or just rename your ~/.mozilla/firefox directory)
Good thought--I did forget to check that--but no luck. Run as different
user, no .mozilla at all, same result.
On another suggestion I tried Swiftfox; same result.

BTW, here's what I see, er, _don't_ see: (69kb)

Note that I can select the image and the properties are correct, there's just nothing displayed.
Also, it seems that it's not only png images. Here's a page viewed in
Seamonkey and FF3b4. I've edited and combined the screenshots side-by-side: (493kb)

FF3b4 is on the right.

Note that the JPEG relief map background is rendered the same by both, but the GIF overlays (the radar data, the lines, the legends) are all rendered too light and partially transparent. The background is visible through the overlay labels in the right panel (FF3), but the overlays are opaque in the left (SM).

I guess if we can't come up with an obvious fault, I'll take it to the mozilla folks. I'd sure be happier reporting it if I wasn't the only one seeing this.

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