Re: Mess in network

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Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Mon, 10 Mar 2008 12:22:54 +0100, Antonio M wrote:

I have a router with two NIC's.
After this morning updates, definition of network interfaces was
garbled, I found etho.bak and eth1.bak in addition to eth0 and
eth1....but eth0 and eth1 were not activated at boot time, as they
were defined as getting address from a DHCP server.
therefore no internet connection and no DHCP.
I had to reconfigure eth0 and eth1 by hand, delete *.bak files and
restart system

Anybody else with same problem???
Yes, the same happened to me with the last F8 kernel update and the new
pending one. Drivers are 8139too and ne2k_pci.

the same happened to me too with forcedeth and e100 drivers

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