Re: yet another ssh question

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On 09Mar2008 02:16, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
| The thing is I did try the -f and it was the same problem.
| Maybe you just can't have it run in the background.

No, there's no problem with that - I do it all the time.

| I also made a thing on the remote host I called "sleepy"
| while :
| do
| sleep 500
| done
| and then I did the ssh -l <blah blah blah> $OUTSIDEIP sleepy
| to make sure it would run something and not log me off.
| Same problem, AND when I killed the task, sleepy kept 
| running on the remote machine.

Ok. First, are you relying on an ssh-agent to authenticate? It won't
be around at batch time. Second, after it's up: does it show in 'ps',
and does "netstat -an" show it listening on the right ports? Also,
run it with a -v; it should show uses of the forwarded ports.

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