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Nigel Henry wrote:
On Monday 07 January 2008 19:55, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
In which case it seems like it should Just Work(TM), but doesn't.
If it doesn't it is better to file bug reports or shoot a mail to the
PulseAudio users list.


You would get much better answers there.

Just a little query. Before I removed pulseaudio from F8, as it had messed up 
my sounds, I looked for manpages, and couldn't find anything. Is there not 
any documentation on how to use/setup pulseaudio, so that your previously 
working sounds will still work?
http://pulseaudio.org/ has lots of docs. Perfect Setup is probably what 
you want. You might have problems with specific apps and depending on 
the sound framework use, the solutions differ.

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