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王鹏 wrote:
> If you create a file name of 渋谷.txt on your FC7 system. I see スツテォ.txt
> on the XP side?

Try not to "top post".  Makes it hard to follow.

I create 渋谷.txt on the linux side and via a samba share can see 渋谷.txt
in "Explorer" on the Windows XP side.

Your second message indicated that your FC side has LANG is set to
ja_JP.ujis.  I would suggest that you set it to ja_JP.UTF-8 and retest.

As I mentioned...  I have my LANG environment variable set to en_US.UTF-8.

You may also want to test with LANG=ja.SJIS.

> 2007/12/20, Ed Greshko <[email protected]
> <mailto:[email protected]>>:
>     王鹏 wrote:
>     > There is a cvs server running on my FC7, the japanese named files are
>     > commit by cvs users.
>     >
>     > If I copy a japanese char from firefox, and use it as a file name,
>     I can
>     > view this file name correctly on FC7,but I cann't view this file name
>     > correctly on Windows XP;
>     When you say..."can't view it correctly" on WindowsXP can you tell a bit
>     more about how you are viewing it on XP?
>     As I mentioned, I have no problem to create a file name in Japanese on a
>     system here and view it in XP.  I used both an English as well as a
>     Japanese
>     XP system.
>     On my RH system my LANG is set to en_US.UTF-8.  What is yours?
>     > If the file is commit by cvs user from Windows XP, I can't view file
>     > name correctly on FC7(on Windows XP, japanese character is
>     shift-jis, on
>     > FC7 japanese character is utf8 or ujis, I think I need
>     sjis(shift-jis)).
>     > where could I get or find this package?
>     They are using XP...Japanese version?
>     I think you may be jumping ahead by deciding what the solution is before
>     really defining the problem.
>     If you create a file name of 渋谷.txt on your FC7 system...what do
>     you see
>     on the XP side?
>     >
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