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At 8:41 AM -0600 12/8/07, Gerry Tool wrote:
>> What is even more interesting is that there is help available. I
>> suspect that for some reason Karl does not have the help files
>> installed. I bet Help does not work in most (all) of the system
>> tools on his system.
>> Mikkel
>Well, to my surprise, I clicked on the Help > Contents menu in Users
>and Groups and found no response. ...

On my F7 system, Help has to start Firefox as root.  Eww.  Anyway, you
might try opening a terminal, `su -` to become root (or use sudo if set
up), and then `firefox` or the generic `htmlview` and see what happens
after a while, and if any messages print (none printed for me, but there
might be errors for you).
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