Question about spambayes

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This package must be used with spamassassin or can be used alone?

> [[email protected] ~]$ yum deplist spambayes
> Finding dependencies: 
> package: spambayes.noarch 1.0.4-4.fc7
>   dependency: /usr/bin/python
>    provider: python.i386 2.5-12.fc7
>   dependency: python(abi) = 2.5
>    provider: python.i386 2.5-12.fc7

Seems not.

I use spamassassin on my email server, with spambyes it's
possible (then howto) improve spam search ?

there is some useful howto, docs or info ?

Many thanks to all!!

Dario Lesca <[email protected]>

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