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on 9/23/2007 11:34 AM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> Yes, but attempting to block bittorrent by closing a single port is doomed
>> to failure.  The client can be configured to use any port and the client
>> simply informs the P2P network what port it will be using.
>> I've not had a need to block bittorrent but you will need a more
>> sophisticated blocking mechanism.
> Aha, therein lies my problem, all this while I had a false sense of 
> security thinking I had thwarted previous efforts with bittorrent which 
> Junior had installed some time ago!
>> Ahhhh.....  I assume you are paying the ISP bills, yes?  If so, and you
>> can't get cooperation from your family members then wire cutters and super
>> glue may be your only option.
> Yes the ISP account is mine but the house is theirs so problem solving 
> requires some tact and finesse!  I and my horses are living in their 
> place, the horses limit my mobility considerably.
> But if we have indeed located the source of the problem I think he will 
> yield.  We've had the kids computer powered off for two days and the 
> usage still trends upward so they are probably off the hook and the 
> finger points at the parent who ought to know better.  To him the 
> computer is an appliance much like the tv set.
> If I understand what you are saying the best solution to the problem is 
> to remove all vestiges of bittorrent from the two Windows computers and 
> warn the Grandson not to install any software on his father's computer 
> without my knowledge.

Could be the dad too Bob. All those 'news' (CNN, MSNBC, etc) sites now
offer streaming videos and those are downloaded *each* time you watch them
if you chose to watch something again.

17 Gigs might sound like a lot, and for some it is quite a lot, but not
for a family of 5 as you describe.


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