Re: F7 Rescue does have dd

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Matthew Flaschen wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
   I was so sure it didn't I rebooted into the F7 Rescue CD and did not
mount my computer and sure enough it does have dd somewhere. I went
looking and found the joe editor but missed seeing the dd anywhere but
it sure does come up :-)

   Next time I do a dd transfer I will use the Rescue CD.
Good.  And, it goes without saying, but don't manually mount either of
the drives.

Matt Flaschen

Last night while sleeping I reloaded this f7 to the new Hard Drive using the f7 Rescue cd-rom. It worked just perfect :-)
 So I have re-written the paper on dd use to ask the user to use f7
Rescue mode. This is much better because neither Hard Drives were
mounted! So the source data doesn't change.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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