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On 26/08/07, bruce <[email protected]> wrote:
> I haven't seen all the 'msgs' in a given karl thread, but the ones I have
> seen tend to be from someone who's trying to get a better understanding of
> how things work....
> So, exactly what is the issue????

It's not so nice with regard to the netiquette for mailing-lists that
Karl usually creates an new thread even when the topic hasn't changed
as much as to justify creating a new thread. Instead, he ought to keep
his replies and update messages in the original thread together with
the replies from subscribers. It is possible to alter the subject line
while staying in a thread. All that is necessary for continueing
threads is to reply to an existing message, not send a new one to the
list. A new message is not connected to any older one, and that
creates a new thread. To understand the notion of "a thread" with
regard to mailing-lists, every message contains maintenance
information in the mail headers.

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