Re: rpmbuild FAIL while packaging symlinks

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Michael Schwendt writes:

On 19/08/07, Andy Green <[email protected]> wrote:
Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> ./ ln -s /usr/lib/ The
> requirement is /usr/lib directory will have :
> ->

Throw out your ln command altogether.  Just place the .so in /usr/lib
and run /sbin/ldconfig in %post.  It will make the symlinks according to
the library soname.
That is false advise, however, since you want to create all necessary
symlinks in the %install section in order to include them in the
%files section and the package. If you don't include the symlinks in
the package, but let ldconfig create them, the files don't belong to
any package, which is a packaging bug.

Maybe you should then file this bug against a few hundred or so Fedora packages, that have been doing this for years.
$ rpm -q -a --scripts | grep 'install program' | grep ldconfig | wc -l

Nope, this is not a packaging bug. This is the correct way to package libraries.

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