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> 	I know the files I had in the update but none say they are for the
> printer. Here they are in fact:
> Aug 06 13:54:00 Updated: openssl.i686 0.9.8b-14.fc7
> Aug 06 13:54:02 Updated: libvolume_id.i386 113-8.fc7
> Aug 06 13:54:10 Updated: libpurple.i386 2.1.0-1.fc7
> Aug 06 13:54:16 Updated: spamassassin.i386 3.2.2-2.fc7
> Aug 06 13:54:17 Updated: libpcap.i386 14:0.9.7-1.fc7
> Aug 06 13:54:19 Updated: udev.i386 113-8.fc7
> Aug 06 13:55:13 Updated: pidgin.i386 2.1.0-1.fc7
> Aug 06 13:55:14 Updated: strace.i386 4.5.16-1.fc7
> Aug 06 13:55:21 Updated: openssl-devel.i386 0.9.8b-14.fc7
> [[email protected] log]#
> I can leave the udev I guess.

In a previous post you said you got the update

cups.i386 1:1.2.12-1.fc7

a few days ago. I suspect this is a much better candidate for causing the 
problem than the above updates ? Why not start by just down grading this and 
see if that helps ?


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