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On Friday July 20 2007 7:08:42 am Karl Larsen wrote:
>     Using the Gnome CD Writer which is working well now, I made a Helix
> CD Rom and tested it. I watched as the tester ran through the things on
> the disk and it is really nice. It is a Knoppix type of construction
> much like the Fedora "Live F7" and the earlier one that brings up linux
> and then my favorite Amateur Radio software gmfsk. It actually works!
>     Now I want to get the Fedora CD image and see how it compares with
> Helix. I am right now wondering how much better Helix is than the simple
> rescue mode on the F7 DVD? I think the answer is that Helix has some
> binaries that begin XP this and that and have .exe extentions.
>     Helix works and it needs an expert to run it.
> Karl

Don't know if I could be called an expert. I visited their site last night and 
it looks interesting. I'm going to download it today and give it a try. In my 
day job, I have to maintain a lot of Windows machines. I've done many rescues 
and other vital work on systems using various Linux disks. This one seems to 
aggregate more of the tools one might need for that than others I've tried.

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD

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