Re: State of EPEL

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On 03/07/07, Rainer Traut <[email protected]> wrote:
Rex Dieter schrieb:
> Rainer Traut wrote:
>> what's the state of EPEL?
> quasi unofficial. :)
>> Is it already open?
> yes.
>> I am asking because for example the epel-release.rpm seems not to work
> worksforme.

hmmm, not for me.
I installed the EL4 rpm on x86_64.

Yum tries to open
You did modify the default epel.repo file, didn't you?

The  epel-release-4-6.noarch.rpm  package has "repo=epel-4" hardcoded
and not the URL you quote. Please check your epel.repo file.

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