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Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:

> 4. "Threatening" to switch distros unless your demands are met, will
> likely just result in a good hearty laugh all round, followed by the
> traditional "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out". Even the
> infamous Eric S. Raymond didn't impress with that stunt, so I doubt
> anyone else can.

Yes BTW on that...

'' Linspire deal: What will ESR and Shuttleworth do now?

By Sam Varghese
Friday, 15 June 2007

A few months back, the self-styled open source advocate Eric S. Raymond
made a grand announcement about switching Linux distributions and moving
from Fedora to Ubuntu.

What Raymond did not let on at that time - February 2007 - was that he
had joined the board of Freespire, a community Linux distribution which
is owned by the company which sells the commercial distribution
Linspire. Formerly known as Lindows, Linspire has no problems with
including proprietary software, as long as it meets users' needs.

Raymond has been an implacable foe of Microsoft; one incident which is
touted as proof of this is an encounter with Microsoft's Craig Mundie in
an elevator. When Mundie asked him who he was, Raymond is reported to
have said: "I am your worst nightmare."

Given his background, I'd like to pose a query to Raymond: Now that
Linspire has genuflected to the people in Redmond, will you do the
honourable thing and quit the board of Freespire?


Not sure he actually joined the "board", it was some advisory panel
IIRC, but I don't know.


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