anacron running updatedb etc vs vmware guest no screen update

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Hi, on F7,,I have vmware-server-1.0.3 installed {vmware-any-any-109},
and have a winXP guest vm. I start the vm when I boot my laptop.

I bit later I return to the guest, and find it unusable - clicking anway
doesn't seem to be noticed, or takes a stupid {minutes++} amount of time
to happen. The guest has the vmware-tools installed.

Meanwhile the disk is being continually accessed, and top shows that
updatedb, and then other tasks are being run. Having these affect the
normal operation of a vm guest isn't acceptable - especially since the
indexing etc takes about 10-15 minutes, leaving the vm unusable.

Is there a way to config it so that anacron doesn't instigate stuff
while a vm guest is running ?
Is there a way to automatically pause the processes started by anacron
when a vm guest is brought to the foreground ?

While disabling the anacron service would work, what I am after is
letting it be enabled, but play nice with the other guys - the work I
need to do.


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