Suddenly, Evolution can't connect to Exchange server

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It seems like it started after the latest round of updates.  If I have
an Exchange account in Evolution, Evo opens a dialog box prompting for
the Exchange password when I start it up, and freezes instantly.  I
can't type in the box or do anything else.

Any idea what would have affected this?  The updates, from yum.log were:

Jun 26 03:05:14 Updated: NetworkManager-glib.i386 1:0.6.5-6.fc7
Jun 26 03:05:15 Updated: libsemanage.i386 2.0.3-2.fc7
Jun 26 03:05:19 Updated: policycoreutils.i386 2.0.16-6.fc7
Jun 26 03:05:22 Updated: NetworkManager.i386 1:0.6.5-6.fc7
Jun 26 03:05:28 Updated: selinux-policy.noarch 2.6.4-21.fc7
Jun 26 03:05:29 Installed: avahi-compat-howl.i386 0.6.17-1.fc7
Jun 26 03:05:34 Updated: libpurple.i386 2.0.2-3.fc7
Jun 26 03:05:57 Updated: gthumb.i386 2.10.3-1.fc7
Jun 26 03:06:01 Updated: perl-Net-DNS.i386 0.60-1.fc7
Jun 26 03:06:02 Updated: policycoreutils-gui.i386 2.0.16-6.fc7
Jun 26 03:06:16 Updated: selinux-policy-targeted.noarch 2.6.4-21.fc7
Jun 26 03:06:18 Updated: sysklogd.i386 1.4.2-8.fc7
Jun 26 03:06:19 Updated: flex.i386 2.5.33-9.fc7
Jun 26 03:06:21 Updated: NetworkManager-gnome.i386 1:0.6.5-6.fc7
Jun 26 03:06:38 Updated: pidgin.i386 2.0.2-3.fc7
Jun 26 03:06:46 Updated: shadow-utils.i386 2:

Annoyingly, Evo attempts to connect to Exchange whenever I start it, if
the Exchange account is active.  Starting with the --offline option
doesn't stop that.  The only way around it is to remove the
evolution-connector RPM and start Evo.  Then the Exchange account is
converted to have no server type.

Outlook seems to work OK on my Windows machine.  I don't think anything
changed on the server side.

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