Re: Where are the Fedora 7 CD ISOs

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> Installable but not for upgrading from a previous distribution.

Indeed. It wasn't until this thread started that I realised that upgrades wh
ere not possible from th live CD. I wrongly thought it was possible.

Therefore I agree that for those that need to upgrade a system, using on a CD 
the situation now is not as convenient as it was previously.

I understand that there are solutions. One is to download the DVD iso and then 
boot from boot/rescue CD image and somehow point the installer at the DVD 
image. Others are  to use the DVD image to build your own CD images, or save 
the DVD image somewhere on a rework server and to do a network install.

These all seems reasonable ideas, but the only problem I have is the 
documentation on how to do this is pretty hard to find. Else where in this 
thread we have been directed to

I'm I blind, or does this page not actually have any links answering these 
questions it is supposed to answer ? 


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