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Jay Goodman wrote:
Check the sha1sum of the iso you downloaded and see if you download is corrupt. If the sha1sum is correct, you might just have a bad burn/disk, try reburning it. Also, check you bios boot order. It sounds obvious, but do you have your cd/dvd drive before your hard drives in the boot order.
The check sum for the downloaded file is good.

We did the "burn" twice at the slowest speed offered.

Bios is set to boot first from the CDROM drive.

Remember, one disk works and that would seem to indicate the computer equipment and set up are ok. It pretty much has to be the DVD. The only DVD writer available is on a Mac and there doesn't seem to be any way to do anything wrong with it? Or is there and I have found it?
I would like to know what to look for ...

Thanks for your response.

Bob Goodwin

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