Re: Installation of Flash plugin on Fedora 7

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> I tried installing adobe flash plugin on clean
> install of Fedora 7
> test 4. It failed 2-3 times then I recorded my first
> video of it
> failing for bug submission. And here is the video:
> Should this be reported as a bug? And if yes -
> where? Is this a Firefox bug?
> After that I tied once more and it failed again.
> Then I started recording it again, and then it
> seceded!
> Here is the video of it:
> What are other people's experience with installing
> flash under Fedora 7?
I had a similar issue of the plugin not working on
Fedora 7.  When I saw your post, I remembered that my
wife was watching youtube videos yesterday on that
computer.  I just verified that it does work now, but
how the problem was corrected or even what the problem
was I have no idea.

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